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What Our Patients Say 

We would like to share some of the generous comments some of patients have made.  We hope you appreciate them as much as we do!

I’m always incredibly thankful for the skills of you three osteopaths. It makes me feel like you work magic with those hands! I also appreciate the self help exercises you give so nothing is left to chance, not that I’m necessarily eager to follow through but certainly recognise their value!  Thank you for this, one and all! ???? Elaine Crocker March 2021


"No need for a Doctors referral, Vicki Aldridge can carefully source the problem and gently achieve a solution without pressure to make future appointments."  Carol Ann Wylde 14.10.2019


"I have been seeing Vicki for a number of years. I am so lucky that she always helps ease my pain and discomfort. I suffer with osteoarthritis and am unfortunate to suffer with my neck and lower back.

Vicki makes me feel at ease all the time and advises how to ease the discomfort so I can carry on with my everyday life.

I don’t think anything could be improved, the service runs well and I have always been able to get an appointment when I need it".  Corinna Robinson 16.10.2019


"My therapist is Vicki Aldridge.  Although I come in pain, Vicki immediately puts my mind at rest.  She dealt with my problem with the usual expertise.  This is my third visit and I believe possibly my last.    Comments on the practice…..Cannot improve as far as I am concerned."  Brian Houghton 20.11.2019


"I am sure I have benefitted from the treatment Vicki has given me for some time.  She has also given me good advice in how I go about my day to day activities and the kind of exercises I need.  She is careful and considerate."  Anonymous 20.11.2019


"Sam makes you feel relaxed before she starts her treatment with you.  She explains what her clinical opinion is in an accessible way and ensures that her treatment meets your needs and expectations.  Always feel better afterwards and would thoroughly recommend her."  Emma Welsh 27.11.2019


"Andrew McGowan is a miracle worker! Excellent service and great advice that really has helped me to maintain and strengthen my back. Andrew is very engaging and he really does know what he's doing. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bishops Stortford Osteopathy & Physiotherapy and their receptionists are also lovely!" Mark Watts Nov 2019

"I would highly recommend this practice it offers a friendly and professional service with affective results. I was treated with cranial osteopathy by Celia and Vicki for neuralgia. After just a few sessions pain relief and discomfort dissipated and became a lot more manageable without the use of tablets" Jacqueline Read Nov 2019

"Saw Andrew, very good, in the space of 45 mins diagnosed and sorted a painful soft tissue problem. I was able to happily do a 5km run the next morning. Gave me links on U Tube for some very useful stretches to help prevent re-occurrence." Andrew Sharratt  Nov 2019


"Sam Reeve is my massage therapist and I try to visit Sam once a fortnight wherever possible for sports massage therapy due to the considerable beneficial effects I have experienced through these treatments.

 I find Sam to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional in her approach to massage therapy. Although my muscle condition is broadly the same each time I visit Sam there can be slight differences in levels or areas of tightness depending on my sports activity in the preceding couple of weeks and Sam listens intently each time to my described symptoms before making her own assessment and deciding on the course of treatment. She fully explains whether her findings are in line with my assessment together with the course of treatment she is going to carry out. Sam always asks if I have any questions at the end of each treatment and is only too pleased to give advice on stretching techniques and other muscle maintenance tips to preserve muscle condition until our next appointment.

 I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone else and my only suggestion for improvement would be for her to make more appointments available as it is sometimes difficult to make an appointment to see her however I realise that she only works at the practice on a part time basis and appointments are therefore limited."  Ashley Powell  7th November 2019

"After having a serious motorbike accident and having treatment from other clinics that did not help with my pain, I turned to Andrew McGowan who I can say has sorted out all of my problems and is very knowledgeable and would highly recommend"  Ben Curtis 13.12.19.

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