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Sports Massage

We have one of the best massage therapists in Bishops Stortford available to the practice Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings, Friday afternoons and on alternate Saturday mornings.

Samantha Reeve is a Level 5 Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist who specialises in Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Injuries Massage. Samantha is registered with the Institute of Sport & Rehabilitation Massage and the Society of Sports Therapists and works alongside Sudbury RFU (Rugby) team and private patients for several years, developing a wide range of techniques for both remedial and therapeutic massages. Samantha regularly takes part in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses to further her skills and knowledge and has a Diploma in Sports Therapy.

Samantha is also able to support mothers throughout their pregnancy journey with massage. Pregnancy can put a strain on the body, and massage can help to relieve aches and pains experienced, as well as supporting the body during changes. Massage during pregnancy doesn’t always have to be about this, it can also provide a wonderful space to just switch off and have some ‘me’ time. Samantha will be guided by you and your needs at each session and understands these can change during different stages of pregnancy.

Whether a regular part of your training regime, to aid recovery from a recent problem/injury, or to simply work away the stresses and strains of everyday life, Samantha will have a suitable massage for you.

A 45 minute massage costs £40.00

Gift vouchers for massage therapies make an ideal present when you are really struggling to think what to get as a gift for someone.

To book or enquire, please give us a call on 01279 755994

What to expect at a Sports Massage

One question I am often asked is “what should I expect from a Sports Massage”? It’s a great question, as talking to one of my clients on our second or third massage I actually found out that she hadn’t know what to expect, that she was actually quite nervous and had in fact put it off for quite a while. So to put your mind at rest, this is what will normally happen…


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